Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13, 2008

Another Monday, another week and with the wind blowing, these leaves will be gone fast! But today and yesterday it is/was in the 70's. Yesterday not a hint of wind and today it is a nice brisk breeze, warm. This will not last, a friend said we are supposed to get snow this week from some big storm. It won't stick, but snow already?!! I am going to have to check out the weather page I use.
I wish I would of taken this photo last evening. With the setting sun shining on this maple it literally vibrated with color. There is this pink/orange the leaves change to...before they turn red. I don't know what color it actually is but I love it!
I made another batch of concord grape jam last night between homemade enchiladas. Yes they were scrumptious! and........I have in the freezer two more dinners. If I am going to make enchiladas, I am making enough for several meals. This jam really turned out great! I gave two jars to a friend of mine, and her son and his girlfriend ate almost an entire jar Saturday morning for breakfast on their toast.
This Thursday there is a shop hop....Gladstone, Escanaba, Minominee, Mareinette, Oconto Falls and Crevitz. I have allotted myself $100...hopefully I will come home with $ and maybe one or two nice things. This year they are giving out 2 first prizes...$50 gift certificate and $50 gas card. Same with second place...but $25. Shows you how they know how hard times are and the gas card would come in handy. The gas prices have really dipped here...yesterday in Iron Mountain $3.24 and down the hill it is $3.39 and $3.37. I am glad my car gets from 33-35 mpg...I love my little Ford Focus wagon...wonder why they quit making them...if it is a bad reason I don't want to know.
Now it is upstairs to sew. Have a great week!


Liz said...

It has been beautiful here too! Today it felt like summer again - even with the leaves crunching beneath my feet. I love the fall!

Tipper said...

The jam looks delicious-and the tree is beautiful!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Our weather has been unbelievable! I am enjoying each and every moment!
Love the photo's! What a difference a week makes!

Anonymous said...

How nice to live in a place where you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Here in the Northwest we don't have such vibrant colors. Things around here go from summer to soaking!